Mack Road Partnership

Partnership, teamwork, family, and friends are just a few of the names we call it when we band together to get things done.  It’s pretty awesome to be part of group that takes action to accomplish good for the community.  I mean, it’s easy to sit back and complain; to gripe about things that you don’t have or aren’t going your way. The bold and brave —-the masters of stunts take action to achieve their goals.  These StuntMasters hit the road to perform for the Mack Road Community Center on July 20th with our BMX freestyle show and found an awesome group of youth that enjoyed banding together on a Saturday night for games, food, and fun.

StuntMasters, Cory Walters, Andrew Topa, and John Parker put on a crazy little show with a big positive message of team building and character.  We didn’t have to work to hard to drive these points home as the whole community was well aware of what it takes to have fun on a Saturday night.  We had a tight crowd from the neighborhood cheering us on as the team went upside-down and every way possible on aBMXImpact Email Promo2 bicycle. I’d like to say the show was the best part of the day but really the best part was the crowd.

When you put a group of people together, scare them and make them laugh you’re likely going to have a lot of new friends.  Thanks to Mack Road Partnership in Sacramento CA we have a bunch of new friends.

Published by stuntmasters

StuntMasters turn Positive Thoughts into Purposeful Action with world class performances at schools, festivals, youth groups, and special events around the world!

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