StuntMasters at the Tucson Festival of Books March 11&12

Bikes have been an incredible learning tool for me over the past 25 years.  I’ve been able to travel, see the world, meet people of all different backgrounds, and discover the ties that bind us all.  Goal setting, safety, character, inclusiveness, and health have all been part of the lesson.  Now we get down to nature with science!

The StuntMasters’ latest journey has been down the roads of Isaac Newton –that’s right the grandfather of Physical Science.  While I’m sure his original Laws of Motion didn’t have BMX stunts in mind, we make a grand performance out of explaining and demonstrating these three laws at schools and science events around the country. Our show, developed with past director of ASU Science is Fun leaves the audience with memories that would inspire any student; whether future scientist or daredevil.

This March 11 and 12 the StuntMasters will be performing and speaking and the Tucson Festival of Books with our BMX Impact Motivational Assembly.  We are excited to show Arizona what BMX is all about. Come out and see the fun and excitement that inspired the youth empowering book, “Whaddya Want?.”



Published by stuntmasters

StuntMasters turn Positive Thoughts into Purposeful Action with world class performances at schools, festivals, youth groups, and special events around the world!

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