Stunt & Masters…a blog.

StuntMasters, the books and shows celebrate the multiple dimensions of thought and focus that we all travel through. It’s not all crazy stunts and dumb luck. It’s goals, visions, and dedication; a lot of the same things we do everyday at work, school, and play. The body, mind, and spirit have a large role in our paths through this earth. I like to call it the Body, Mind, and X-factor –BMX.

If you’ve read my book, “Whaddya Want?” you understand or begin to understand how creative physical exertion compliments mental progression and social harmony. We are what we do. Luckily that changes every moment of the day especially when we are young. While there is no single act that defines us these acts are born from our from our thoughts and become a part of our character if we let them.

We encourage everyone to take an active role in their education, sport, hobby, associations, and especially their words by setting the standard they wish to emulate.  This is not a paradox. It’s a goal! Be your own hero. Ask your self what you want everyday. And have an answer. That answer is your goal.

I’ve decided to offer a taste of what we as StuntMasters see in our travels. I will be posting thoughts, insights, happenings, and newsworthy bits from our adventures around the planet. From inspirational blurbs to trendsetting seedlings I hope to share our often emotional views and excited rants from schoolyards and special events. Perhaps one may help you set your goal or raise the bar.

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StuntMasters turn Positive Thoughts into Purposeful Action with world class performances at schools, festivals, youth groups, and special events around the world!

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